Studios at Fischer is a place of refuge and cocoon for artists, where crickets chirp in the distance, stars hover in the night sky above, and the possibilities are limitless! We like it that way and we know you will, too.


Studios at Fischer offers a world-class professional staff ready to assist the development of ideas through craftsmanship and experience. We bring positive energy to every project and help deliver a gold-standard product. It is our pleasure to offer service and integrity, and we believe one cannot exist without the other!

About Pix1


Pat Drennon is a respected engineer and executive by trade, who initially planned to build an isolated studio to explore his passion for photography.

Tracie Drennon brought her eclectic personality and talent for incorporating modern and retro design to the project, ensuring it would be warm and inviting.

Together, Pat’s passion for visual production and ability to incorporate technical flexibility, combined with Tracie’s style delivered the undeniable “vibe” to what became Studios at Fischer. Today, it’s a spacious and cutting-edge audiovisual campus including multiple motion capture production spaces and a sound stage, recording studio, and suitable location to develop and launch new music or talent in the central part of the country.

Dan and Kelleigh Flynn brought Firefly Sound Studio to light while studying audio technology together at SAE Institute. There, they dreamed up the project, motivated by Kelleigh’s passion for all things creative with Dan’s passion for music as a percussionist and sound engineer. Together, they mapped out the foundation for a new Hill Country studio, where they also became newlyweds in 2017!