Studios at Fischer is a world-class production campus featuring state-of-the-art studios on a 9-acre retreat between Austin and San Antonio, hidden deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

A spacious and cutting-edge creative campus built for artists to feel safe, comfortable, and free to work without distraction. The studio, which features multiple digital cinema production spaces, sound stage, and recording studio, offers a suitable location to develop and launch music or talent in the central part of the country.


We have a reverence for the creative process. Here, expose your talent, extract your creativity, and free your soul to make hairs stand on-end with your art!


Seek perfection by using the most innovative tools possible, and never be afraid to experiment or fail!


Embrace the things others won't, and understand nothing gets done right unless it's done different!

At our heart lies two discreet production facilities, Firefly Sound Studio and Dragonfly Media Studio.

One of the few recording and sound studios built from the ground up, Firefly Sound Studio's unique combination of acoustic architecture, state-of-the-art equipment, and secluded Hill Country location makes it an ultimate destination for musicians and producers.


Live at SF combines the individual strengths of Firefly Sound Studio and Dragonfly Media Studio. Learn more below, and check out the latest Live at SF performances including Sir Woman, Van Wilks Band, and Dr JOE.


A multipurpose photography and motion capture studio, Dragonfly Media Studio is convertible to a comprehensive sound stage, offering a flexible range of options for small, medium, and large-scale video productions.