Firefly Sound Studio is a state-of-the-art music recording facility in the picturesque Texas Hill Country featuring two world-class control rooms designed by acclaimed acoustician, Steven Durr.

Whether cutting tracks, mixing a record, or producing an audio-visual live stream performance, Firefly can accommodate every need while providing a relaxed atmosphere for artists.

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The studio offers various nearfield monitor options including Yamaha, ATC, Genelek, and Focal.

It also provides an extensive collection of vintage tube and discrete outboard audio processors, vintage tube microphones, and tape machines including Studer model A-827 (2” 24-channel analog tape) and A-80 (½” and ¼” two-track tape).

For an authentic vintage reverb sound, put the 1960s EMT 140 stereo reverb plate to use, and monitor inside the cutting room and iso booths using Furmann HDS-16 multichannel headphone systems.


Along with in-house industry professionals and a seasoned service/concierge team, put your feet up in one of two luxury apartment suites attached to the studio, which offer audio tie-lines throughout, and large indoor and outdoor lounge areas.

•  Galley kitchen
•  Full restrooms
•  Putting green and dog kennel

•  Optional Artist’s private lounge/apartment
•  Optional Crew accommodations
•  Craft services

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