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The soundstage's 1/2" Schedule 40 pipe grid, designed and built to hold the weight equivalency of a semitruck, stands 18' from the floor and offers serious hoisting and rigging capabilities.

Accessible from an onsite scissor lift, tungsten or RGB wash lights create an unlimited space effect against the cyclorama wall, and a Chimera F2 10 x 20' light bank makes it possible to illuminate subjects with soft light from above.

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The space accommodates image and video projection on a massive screen, and ability to add weather or atmospheric effects like rain, snow, or haze. Large set pieces or even autmobiles can enter the studio through a 10 x 12' rolling door.

The studio features a Road Hog 4 lighting console and boasts four universes of 512 DMX channels each, offering a fully customizable lighting setup with presets and cues. Theatrical fixtures in the grid, and on the floor include LED par cans, ellipsoidal, and moving wash or spotlights to produce a wide range of color and movement effects.

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Capture stunning video using 5 available RED Digital Cinema cameras (up to 8K resolution) or create film-quality black-and-white movies using our RED Monochrome cameras. Also, mount cameras to an 18' jib, Armor-Man motorized gimbal, dolly with 26' of curved and straight track, or sliders for superior dynamic shots.

Simultaneously, send 48 channels of analog audio next door to Firefly Sound Studio, where an engineer can record multitracked sound during video shoots.