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STUDIO A features a 32 channel Discrete Neve Model A-1033 console with Burl B80 Mothership converters. It has two custom monitors (designed by Steve Durr) with 15” Tad woofers, Smith horn, and 2” Tad drivers.

STUDIO B features a 48 channel SSL Duality Pro console with 48 channel I/O via Burl B80 Mothership converters. Monitors include ATC 300 and two custom-designed 18” sub cabinets.

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Firefly sits embedded in the earth, fortified by a 12” thick concrete wall serving to decouple external ground vibrations from the studio’s interior. The cutting room, large iso booth, and control rooms remain isolated at the building’s exterior by approximately 8½” of combined concrete and soil.

Complete with wood-framed walls isolated from structural components, rockwool-insulated and heavily sheathed wall cavities, and metal roof decks treated with sprayed insulation, the studio’s design leaves no stone unturned concerning isolation and acoustic control.

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The cutting room sits on a floated floor decoupled from the structural foundation using the Kinetics RIM-Q system, and finished ceilings stay decoupled from the structure via Kinetics ICC suspension hangers, rubber, and caulk.

With sound doors from Noise Barriers and windows comprising two decoupled pieces of 3/8” glass, all systems function at a Noise Criterion (NC) 20 rating while maintaining comfortable temperature and humidity levels.

A lighting grid sits above the studio floor and audio equipment grounds separately from the “house” electrical system. Lyntech sequencing panels work with a shunt trip breaker to protect all on-board gear.